Memo to Bay Area Radio Stations

Apparently at some time Monday afternoon a rumor began that it was no longer acceptable for a radio station to rock. (I suspect the Chinese and that Internet they have are somehow to blame.) Since that time there has been little but Enya and Yanni in slightly more electrified renditions. There has been no rocking of the airwaves.

Rest assured, Radio World, it is still acceptable to rock. Any assertion that rocking is unacceptable is the work of terrorists or at the very least individuals who wish ill for our nation.

Give me something to listen to on my commute this morning. DO IT FOR AMERICA!

7 thoughts on “Memo to Bay Area Radio Stations

  1. nooo, jerry! you can’t still be stuck in the past, without the knowledge that the only thing your car radio is good for these days is NPR or hooking up an mp3 player!

    • I have a longish story about looking for a car amplifier with a simple line input in the front, but I’ll save that for another day. I have a casette adapter, but the sound quality is pretty bad.

    • The new red thing (still trying to come up with a good name for it) doesn’t have a radio; it has an “infotainment system.” It gets AM, FM, and, until the subscription paid by the rental company that used to own the car runs out, XM and OnStar. It also plays CDs and has a place I can plug in my iPod. It came with a CD explaining how to use the system. Yeah, it rocks.

  2. When I’m over your way all I listen to is 91.1 KCSM “member-supported jazz radio” — though I won’t claim it rocks.

    It does suggest a new get-poor-quick scheme: Member-supported rock radio.

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