A measure of loserment

When you’re sitting in a bar with your laptop, the flower girl doesn’t even glance your direction.

5 thoughts on “A measure of loserment

  1. That all depends whether or not you have the 12″ or the 17″ Powerbook. With the 12 I barely warrant a glance, but with the 17 they tend to cozy on up…

  2. Um, do you really mean looserment or loserment? The first would be something that would probably attract females but only the sort of female you wouldn’t really want. The second would be something that wouldn’t attract any females at all.

    Stick to the titanium 15. It’s authentically you. Eventually the right woman will see it and see you.

  3. Error corrected. One thing about this old TiBook is that I seem to be getting a lot more double letters lately. It may be old fingers rather than old keys, though.

    And I’m pretty used to the mild electric shocks now, too.

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